Dev Fu!

Project Management

We are in continual contact with our clients during every step of development. In addition to our daily stand up calls to let you know the current status of your project, we’ve created our own project management tool: Agilatr. Agilatr allows us to easily track your project and keep you informed as we develop your app. You’ll be able to see its progress in real time as new features are being added.

Each of your features will have already been turned into a “User Story” during the Story Workshop. Then during the Monday planning meetings for each weekly iteration, you’ll be able to assign each story Acceptance Criteria. These Acceptance Criteria, or AC, will act as a checklist of things we need to do to complete that story.

Agilatr - Open

During development when we think an item on your checklist has been completed, we’ll mark it is pending. You’ll then go to our staging server, test out the feature, and verify that it is exactly as you want. You’ll then mark that Item as ‘Passed.’

Agilatr - Passing

If for some reason that feature was not implemented exactly as you wanted, you can instead ‘Fail’ that AC.

Agilatr - Failed

If this happens, we’ll contact you, discuss the feature in more detail, and make the necessary changes. We’ll then re-Pending that AC once all changes have been made and this process continues for every AC for every Story. You’re involved in every step and will never be in the dark about progress of your app.

Agilatr - Completed