Dev Fu!

Our Philosophy

Many developers require you to provide a complex, overly thorough, and expensive specification document up front before beginning any development. Those specs are then blindly followed for months before you even see where their time, and your money, went.

We think that’s stupid.

Ideas evolve over time, priorities change, new features are needed. You shouldn’t be out of touch with your app, or your developers. You should receive continual updates, be allowed to add new features, and change your priorities. You should be actively involved as your app is developed. That’s how we operate.

We strive to “Continuously Deliver Valuable Features.”

That’s not just a line of jargon. We release new features each week from day one of your project. By the end of the second day, you’ll already have a staging server for your app with new features for you to approve. Like we said we iterate quickly, and we iterate often.

Communication is our biggest strength.

Continual feedback from our clients is a must. We’re experts at project management, but your input is needed to approve new features.

What do we do?

Sound good? Great. But, it’s all a load of bullshit until you really get to know us. So get started now.

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