Dev Fu!


Test Driven Development

We write tests before we write code. We verify a feature is working correctly before we actually write the code to make it work. Yup, that’s right. Before we implement any new feature, we write tests to make sure it works. Sounds backwards right? Well, by writing a test first, we can ensure the accuracy and completeness of our code. This leads to a better and much higher quality app. Your app is only as good as its test suite

Why we do it:

Ruby on Rails

A popular open source web application development framework intended to be used with an Agile development methodology.

Why we love it:


An extremely fast, distributed version control system that is perfect for collaborative software development.

Why we use it:


Our very own project management tool. You can read even more about it here.

Why we built it:


An online instant messaging client, designed specifically for groups.

Why we chat with it: